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Hixson & Stringham came about as a result of a conversation between 2 attorneys who both have a heart for truly helping their clients. John Hixson practiced law for more than 35 years and focused his attention on estate planning, probate and real estate issues. Lee Stringham has been practicing law for a little more than a decade, and has been working with small businesses, real estate investors, and families for almost 20 years. Both John and Lee have enjoyed helping families and business owners organize their finances and build out their legacies. John's family includes his wife of 33 years, 3 children and numerous grandchildren, and Lee's family includes his wife of 27 years and 5 children. Both John and Lee have been enthusiastic entrepreneurs. As a result of this real world experience, they are able to help families dig into the nuts and bolts of putting good plans in place for their children and their businesses.

John Hixson

After practicing law for 5 years in a corporate counsel role, John Hixson founded the Hixson Law Firm in Arlington, Texas, in 1988. As he practiced, he found that he enjoyed and could offer compassionate counsel in the areas of Real Estate, Probate and Bankruptcy.

Lee Stringham

After working in the commercial real estate and financial services industries for 8 years and practicing law for another 6 years, Lee Stringham founded the Stringham Law Firm in Midland, Texas, in 2016. While there, he found that he enjoyed helping individuals and business owners navigate financial issues that came up in their transactions and transitions.

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