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You made a smart decision in exploring the information on this site. Every year, thousands of people like you deal with Estate Planning, Probate, Business Succession Planning  and Small Business General Counsel Services  issues here in the Lone Star State. You might even be surprised how many of your neighbors and people in your region have gone through similar issues to the ones you are dealing with right now.

You should know there is a path for you.

Chances are good that if you're still reading this page, you are beginning to recognize the value in what we do because you have a story like that of many of our clients and you can see on our website some ways others have handled their legal issues.

Once you've finished looking over the site, you should feel free to call us to discuss your legal issue. If I could, I would insist that we have a conversation, just because I know how much it helps to speak with someone about legal issues. However, I also know that it's scary to call a law office. You may or may not know what to ask. You may or may not know who to ask for. You may think to yourself, why do I need an attorney to handle this issue?

We thought the best way to undo "scary" is to describe our process and give you an idea of what dealing with us looks like.

So, what is it like to work with us?

Video Conferencing? We're There!

Step One: Believe it or not, you've already taken the first step! Reading through some of the information on this site to see if we know how to deal with the problems or opportunities you are facing. If those problems or opportunities revolve around Real Estate, Probate, or Bankruptcy, then the answer is a resounding "yes!"

Step Two: Give us a call at (817) 261-5000 and request a consultation to determine what solutions are right for you. In addition to meeting with you in person, we are set up to effectively handle phone and video conferencing at your request.

Step Three: Sign an Engagement Letter and Make a Deposit. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to their money and business dealings, so we have an agreement that tells you what you can expect from us and lets you know what we expect from you. In addition to discussing things like how long we hold onto records and our confidentiality arrangement, this letter will also discuss the work we will be doing for you and the estimated amount of money to be charged. At the time you decide to hire us, we will require either full payment up front for smaller matters, or we will require a deposit for larger ones.

Step Four: Gather Any Necessary Records. Estate Planning, Business Planning, Real Estate and Probate matters generally require a lot of financial and legal information that we will need to access in order to help you, so after the engagement letter is signed we will collect those records, scan them into our electronic files, and return all original documents that we are not required to keep. 

You may not know all the records to collect and THAT'S OKAY! the team at Hixson & Stringham will work with you to find the required information, accurately translate that information into whatever form is necessary for your matter, and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Need to talk? We'll talk.

Step Five: Ongoing Communication with Our Office. Your matter will take time and you deserve to know what is going on with it, so you are welcome to contact our team with your questions and concerns. Additionally, we may contact you because we need signatures for documents or we need more information in order to do our job well. Sometimes these communications will be with your attorney, however, we can't be everywhere at once and we work with fantastic support staff. At times we will communicate with you through them, but you will always have the option to speak with your attorney. Because our attorneys may be in court, mediations, depositions, or other long meetings, we may not be able to get back to you immediately, but we will make every effort to get back to all phone calls within 48 hours, and our staff can answer many questions immediately.

I sincerely look forward to working with you.

Lee Stringham

P.S. We are just a phone call away at (817) 261-5000 or click the following link to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation. We're ready to answer whatever questions you have.

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