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Lee Stringham

Lee Stringham's practice focuses on helping families and business owners enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow.

He excels in guiding his clients through the often-confusing maze of financial and legal decisions needed to help families strategically plan for the future and help business owners undertake new projects, engage new clients and vendors, move forward with their business with confidence, and ensure they are set up to pass a solid legacy down to the next generation of family or outside management. His considerable legal and financial expertise includes planning for business succession, preserving family wealth and managing relationships for clients with the myriad of advisors that are necessary to achieve success in business. Lee will gladly help you craft a plan that achieves your goals for your business and loved ones today and for years to come.

Prior to graduating from the Regent University School of Law in 2010, where he focused his studies on banking, tax, and transactions law, he finished a Master of Finance degree at the University of Denver. This was completed while also working in the financial services sector, underwriting business transactions of all sizes.

Lee enjoys educating the community and has chosen to concentrate on strategic planning for business and family wealth because of his passion for entrepreneurship and legacies. He has presented on finance and contract-related matters in front of numerous community groups and has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas, Arlington, and as a guest lecturer at Midland College.

More importantly, he is Suzanne's husband of 27 years, a father of five children, and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. When Lee is not busy working with clients of Hixson & Stringham, he is watching his children participate in various activities, or racing sailboats with friends.

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